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Just need a little help, professional advice, inspirational ideas in your interior design? 


Interior design consulting is the answer!


On-site, personal consulting in your home!

We can meet on site to discuss which  rooms you would like to redecorate, or change the layout, the rooms' style, the mood, the design or the furnitures etc.

We will discuss how to make your current interior  more beautiful, better or different.

During the consultation we will discuss about:

-new  furniture style

-new floor and wall coverings

-new colours, furnitures

-new accessories

-new layout suggestions

After the consultation, you will be able to proceed forward with confidence!

Quick help at a reasonable price!



I will review the current floor plan, layout from an interior designer's point of view, to identify the problem areas. I will suggest new solutions based on your specific needs. Depending on the possibilities, 2-3 versions of the layout will be prepared, new floor and furnishing plans, from which the final and most ideal layout can be easily selected.

For each layout, 3D  plans for the rooms are also produced, with the agreed colours and design to make the final decision easier.

It is also very useful to use my professional help before buying a family house or an apartment so that you don't end up buying a property that cannot be arranged to suit your or your family's needs.



The whole process of interior design is divided into 3 different stages:

Stage 1: Floor plan
Preparation of 2-3 different floor plans with 2 3D plans per each room with the agreed colours and designs.

Stage 2: Full interior design documentation (PDF)
Based on the selected final layout:
-3D plans

-wall elevation views
-electrical plans
-electrical connection plans
-furniture recommendations

Stage 3: interior designing
-A recommendation for final finishes, tiles, floorings, wall colours, wallpapers, lighting fixtures, furniture etc.
-prepare a list of furnitures, lighting fixtures and sanitary fittings, accessories, etc., with the recommended stores and prices
-assistance with purchases, if required.